How to Educate Your Client in 4 Easy Steps

A new client can be a big responsibility. Often they do not know how to behave and are easily frightened by things like survey emails and review requests. Don’t worry though, with a little training your new client can become a valuable resource of feedback information and maybe even a brand advocate.

Forget the Score and Play the Customer Service Game!

The Net Promoter Score is awesome. Not only does it indicate growth but it shows you how you are faring against your competitors. But the single most important thing about that score? It’s not that important! (GASP) I know, it’s a crazy thing to say but hear me out. Your Net Promoter score at a […]

5 Rules When Responding to a Negative Review

Negative reviews are a part of doing business and always have been. However, in this technological age they are more visible, more urgent, and can cause greater damage than before. That’s why it is important now, more than ever to appropriately mediate those reviews. Do not fret, because they can be easily handled and it […]