Don’t just listen to your online reputation, get in there!

Remember when you were a kid and you/a friend had a pool and you’d get chased around with that little wheelie monster with a tail that shot water at the bottom cleaning the pool? Maybe as an adult you still have one of those. Maybe its name was something like Rover. Even with Rover you […]

How to Celebrate your Customers on Social Media

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE Celebrate Your Customers Templates HERE   Simply Open the PDFs in Adobe Acrobat and select “Edit PDF”. Than swap out the text and graphics with your own and post to your favorite social media platform!

Don’t Skimp when Responding to Negative Online Reviews

Don’t Skimp on Responding to Negative Online Reviews, Acknowledge Them Just a handful of negative reviews, even among thousands of positives, can bring down your average rating. Eighteen one or two-star ratings out of 20,000 positives will leave your business rated at a three and a half or four. While four stars may sound pretty […]

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google and Yelp

Look no further you vigilant online reputation masters! If your Google or Yelp page is plagued by a review that contains false or inappropriate information, you do have options. We will show you step-by-step how to get a review removed from your Google or Yelp page. Both of these sites have very clear content guidelines that […]

When a Negative Review is Posted, This is Not the Time to Hide, but Own It.

Handling an online firestorm of negative reviews can seem like the last thing you want to do. Online business and reviews may not be your forte, especially if you are of the proponents of letting your great service/product/staff do the talking. The problem with this strategy? 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as […]

Twitter Verification: Should your Small Business try to Verify?

Should you try to Verify Twitter for your Business? For the longest time the only Twitter Accounts that could earn that pretty blue and white Badge or verification were the real high profile ones. Accounts like the CDC @CDCGov or Oprah @Oprah (yeah and @KimKardashian…surprised?).

Consumers, Small Business and Yelp: The Free Speech Controversy

Yelp and Free Speech No doubt your business has a Yelp profile. Consumers check that before deciding to go to you for what they need. But what type of transparency is there for consumers as to what online reviews have been removed by Yelp, which ones stay up but could be phony reviews, and if […]