How to Have a Failproof Houzz Keyword and Photo Strategy

How do you get noticed on Houzz? Besides doing great work and providing awesome service (because we know you’ve got that part down) standing out on the site is a huge part of it! Houzz as a review website is seriously cool – think HGTV meets Angie’s List meets every home catalog that you drool […]

Talk to Customers THEIR Way and Never Look Back!

We all get in those habits: Pre-populated emails, ‘call this line’ for help, shortcuts here and there that SHOULD make things easier and faster for all, right? We think we are totally helping out our customers since all these channels = Hey look at us, we are available for you! But if our customer wants to hear from […]

Why Houzz Matters; and Matters a Lot!

Houzz was the brain-child of a couple who had just remodeled their home the good ol’ fashioned way: With a bunch of home magazines and referrals from people they know. But this combo did not stack up in making their house dreams a reality.

Lesser Known Review Sites to Keep on your Radar

The Goliath sites for online reviews are always top of mind for you the fabulous business owner, marketing manager, operations maven.  We are talking Google, Yelp, Facebooks of the world. But the interwebs is a vast and varied world and it’s our job and your job to look in every nook and cranny if we are […]

Get Noticed! How to Navigate Google Local Business Listings

Dear small to medium-sized business marketer, business developer, owner, tech officer, or that employee that “does everything around here”: It’s super important that you make sure your Google Business Listing is updated and all fields are filled out to their fullest potential. This way your listing will show up in the most ideal light! It […]