Celebrate Your Customers in the Moment

There are several standardized ways you can celebrate your customers. You can do things like email your customers on their birthday or anniversary, send them handwritten thank-you cards (we do like this one!), or maybe offer them a giveback program (buy ten coffees get one free).

How to Celebrate Your Customers [Infographic]

Many businesses are finding more innovative ways to celebrate their customers. We surveyed about 1,000 men and women in the United States across three generations to find out how THEY feel businesses treated them in 2016.

Celebrate Your Customers by Improving Processes

  Celebrating your customers is crucial to your business because it’s the customers, coming in again and again, that keep it running. However, celebrating your customers isn’t always easy and can sometimes go by the wayside. We encourage you to always be thinking about ways you can improve on and implement strategies that give back […]

Celebrate your Customers (Millennials) by Giving Back

The millennial generation is a wily bunch! (Trust me, I’m one of them.) They are restless, always on the move and usually looking for something new, exciting and adventurous. If they aren’t running amuck in Thailand or backpacking through Europe (only to come stateside and talk your ear off about every “unique” experience they had…like […]

Fooled by Frosting

Creating an excellent Customer Experience is easier than you think… Many years ago I opened my dorm room door to find an amazing chocolate cake. The cake was beautifully adorned with sprinkles and chocolate shavings; it looked like the spawn of Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray. You could actually hear the angels sing and heaven’s rays […]