Best Methods to Generate Online Reviews for Your Business

The best way to generate online reviews for your business is to first devise a strategy of how to do just that. Which websites will you be using and why? How will you respond to reviews, how often will you respond, and how will you use these sites to communicate with your customers? Your strategy […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 2017 State of Online Reviews

Consumers are funny, aren’t they? We could study them for all of time and never really understand them. Maybe on an individual level we get them, like why exactly John Doe left a negative review on one site, but not another. But consumers and their motives as a whole can be unpredictable and often only […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 2017 State of Customer Feedback

Positive growth is often the result of constructive criticism. For businesses, that often comes in the form of customer feedback. The harshest reviews or survey responses can be the most useful tools for a company as they provide powerful insight into the shortcomings of a business. In turn, owners and managers can make operational improvements to […]

2017 Trends in Online Reputation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Consumers research before making a purchase. They like to know what they are getting and what they are getting into. With an endless array of social media and review platforms, people can really get to know what they are buying. These platforms act as a research tool for consumers. People are able to easily understand […]

Reputation is the New Modern Way to Market your Business

Reputation and Brand The great Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” and when it comes to thinking about the relationship of brand to reputation this is what has always struck me hardest. If the strategy of a brand revolves around moving values and beliefs into the marketplace via products, […]

The Three Types of Clients. Ecstatic, Static, Vulnerable

Stats show that on average, businesses lose about 20% of their customers each year, which means a lot of effort must go into getting new customers, securing those on the fence, and of course, maintaining the base you already have.