Is Your Net Promoter Score® Tied to Your Online Reputation? You Bet!

NPS®, or Net Promoter Score®, is a widely-used customer loyalty metric introduced by Fred Reicheld in 2003. Over the last five years, the NPS® has become the standard by which businesses can measure customer satisfaction as it relates to both customer retention and loyalty.

INFOGRAPHIC: Online Reputation is for Lovers

Companies show their customers love in a variety of ways… Boost your online reputation and show your customers some love with a gift, a phone call, or some extra attention. We like these four: a free cup of coffee, cash back, a social media shout-out or a personal phone call. We at WebPunch even use […]

Spread the Love with Facebook Campaigns

Spread the love and get some love by launching your next Facebook campaign.  Get creative and bring your audience closer. Last October we celebrated National Women’s Small Business Month by highlighting successful businesswomen that inspire us. We wrote about where they came from, what they are working on, and what being a female entrepeneur means to […]

How to Guide What Your Customers are Saying: Be Open. Be Genuine.

It’s hard to admit when we’re wrong. But sometimes, that’s just what customers want. When responding to negative online reviews, particularly those one and two-star reviews, take down your guard and don’t be afraid to say something like, “Hey, we screwed up. We’re sorry. You made us realize it, and for that we are changing. […]

Online Reputation is for Lovers: Featuring Facebook

If you’re looking for the most online review love, head to Facebook.   According to a WebPunch study, Facebook garners 38% of business reviews, a close second to Google’s 41%. Of those reviews, 92.1% of them are four or five-star ratings—that’s some love.

Responding to Online Reviews—Because it’s Good Practice

Oh man, that dang internet is noisy—Information galore. Companies and personalities have websites priced in the tens of thousands of dollars. Everyone has the best product, the most sought-after service, and everyone is number one. . . that is, until you look at their reviews.