How and Why We Should be Celebrating Millennials

We’ve written about how to celebrate your millennial customers, but what about millennial workers? The Baby Boomer generation (people born between 1943 and 1960) are nearing or have already passed prime retirement age. They are vacating the working place that the Millennials (1980 – early 2000’s) are filling in. Generation X’ers are in there too, […]

4 Ways Nextdoor is Helping Businesses Thrive

Last month we introduced Nextdoor as a great site and app to add to the ole’ online reputation management strategy. We also talked about some of the ins and outs of the site, including how to get your first recommendation so that you can really get punching!

Don’t Forget the Freaking Sprinkles

Meet Mac: Mac is three years old and the son of Matt Jones, co-founder of WebPunch. He is also my nephew; I’m a bit crazy for this little guy.  He loves the Incredible Hulk (yes, he has a little of his dad in him) and hamburgers, aka hangeburts.  

Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh Talks Brand and Customer Experience

Going Above and Beyond Zappos is known as an online shoe and clothing store but its employees and CEO, Tony Hsieh, consider the company so much more than just an online retailer. They are a customer-experience company and the brand reflects that.