It Takes a Village

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” —Charles Dickens As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this month, we’ve been pondering the word gratitude and our own Matt Jones had this to offer, “I think there is a certain humility that […]

What Are Google Local Guides?

As our Review Response Team has been managing online reviews, we’ve noticed an increase of something on Google called Local Guides. What are they? What does this mean? Do people need guidance on Google? The vast majority of people are pretty Google-savvy and don’t need a tour so what the heck is a Google Guide? […]

Google Guarantee [VIDEO]

Welcome to WebPunch’s school of Online Reputation Management. Again, I’m your professor, Matt Jones and I’m here to talk about something that’s guaranteed to excite you if you’re a service-based business who works on houses. We’re talking about Google Guarantee and this new program that’s rolling out is going to shake up your area if […]

Nextdoor’s Big Flaw

Ever since first writing about the Nextdoor app, we’ve been hooked. It’s a great way for businesses to integrate into their immediate and neighboring communities, generate new leads based off of recommendations from the neighborhood, and keep businesses up-to-date about the needs of their community.

Online Reputation Management Software

Conversation topics at parties don’t usually include Online Reputation Management software unless you’re at an Online Reputation Management (ORM) conference in Cancun (which totally happens!). The software should, however, top the list of things to talk about at a business’s marketing meetings. In their business development plan, in their lead generation strategy, and, naturally, discussions about […]

Meet Your Cornerman: Michelle Douglas

Michelle Douglas is relatively new to the ring with WebPunch. She joined the Review Response Team this past spring and brings to the team an innate sense of craftiness with words and a heart of gold. WebPunch is truly blessed to have her as part of our team. When she is not helping to craft […]

Dealing with the Threat of Negative Reviews

I have to admit that even recently, I have threatened people. There wasn’t any talk of placing their prized stallion’s severed head next to them while they slept or anything. I didn’t grab them by the lapels and slam them into metallic lockers like a high school bully. No, I threatened to leave a bad […]