Q & A with Executive Coach and Strategist, Matt Gray

  Name: Matthew Gray Company: The Rocky Mountain Innovation Lab Title: Executive Director, Coach and Strategist Professional Background: Community service and leadership programming in colleges, teaching leadership courses, consultant Alma Mater: The Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands Last Book You Read: Stealing Fire Advice you’ve been given and actually used: […]

Employee Engagement Means Better Business, More Revenue

Employees itching to get home? Do they have a bad case of twitchy legs, bouncing up and down on their toes in end-of-day anxiety? Maybe they’re sedentary, sitting at the desk all day because they didn’t have time for a walk or gym session. Perhaps they’re on their feet all day, in and out of […]

Fasting for a Healthy Business Reputation

In January food and beer sales take a dive and gym and yoga studios see more business. The world is eager to start the new year off right, take advantage of a fresh start, and shed the grime and weight we’ve built up over the previous year and holiday season.