How Employees Can be a Wrecking Ball to a Brand

Layoffs, firings, and low morale are inevitable. If prevented, however, a brand could save itself a lot of business. Every year, companies lay off thousands of employees due to restructuring, shrinking revenues, or a sluggish economy. But what about all the lost revenue that comes from that?

VIDEO: Reviews. Can You Really Say That?

What’s up, WebPunchers? This is Matt Jones, your Professor of WebPunch’s School of Online Reputation Management. Life is good. Sorry it’s been a little bit of time, but we’re back. My drone cuts are finally healing, I’m back to the gym, so things are off to a good start here in March.

Don’t Catch Survey Fatigue

Who likes getting the same set of questions over and over? No one, that’s who. No one ever said, “Please send me the same survey, over and over again for as long as I’m your customer.” In fact, it’s got a name and even debuted as a disease in WebPunch’s booth at this year’s International […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 2018 State of Online Reviews

My how things can change!  Each year we look at the review sites that garner the most positive and negative reviews. Every site has a unique culture and set of demographics that it attracts. Our crack team of researchers once again took to our HQ dungeon to count the beans and analyze the trends in […]

Google Celebrates Women Business Owners

To coincide with International Women’s Day, Google did something amazing. They created an icon on Google Business pages where you can advertise your business as being owned or led by women.

5 Ways Your Business Can Fulfill its Destiny Despite Facebook’s New Algorithm

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Facebook started shaking things up. Maybe you’ve already heard rumblings of Facebook’s latest newsfeed revisions and we’re sensing that it’s becoming harder for everyone to keep up with the many changes that all these review sites keep throwing our way. WebPunch is here to help […]

How Online Reviews Have Been Used to Take Down Businesses

  When it comes to online reviews, most of the time we remain positive as we discuss the benefits that come when businesses start paying attention to online reviews. But what happens when consumers use the online sphere as a resource to take down a business as a part of a political or social movement? […]

VIDEO: Yelp is Killing Today’s Referral

  Welcome, my beloved students, to WebPunch’s School of Online Reputation Management. I am your professor, as always, Matt Jones, here to drop some knowledge about the latest in online reputation management. Let’s get into a few things here. Number one, where the heck have we been? That’s a good question. We haven’t done a […]