Chris Wellington
Where do you live?
Wellington, New Zealand

Chris Italy
Where do you wish you lived?
I love living here 🙂 I’d like to spend some time each year in Italy though

Chris workingout
What do you like to do on the weekends or with your free time?
Mountain biking, yoga, working out, cooking

Chris baby
Do you have children? If so, how many and ages?
I have 1 boy who is -3 months old. We think he might have aggressive tendencies I haven’t been able to stop him kicking his mother in the stomach 😉

Chris No Animals
Do you have any animals?  What kind and their names?

Chris Superhero
Who is your favorite superhero?

Chris collect buckets
What is one thing that people typically don’t know about you?
I collect buckets

Chris Bling
What is left on your bucket list?
How did you know I collect buckets? I just have the bling bucket left on my list

Chris no languages
Do you speak other languages other than English?
Nein. Schnell schnell kartoffelkopf

Chris bosses
Why do you like working at WebPunch?
Best bosses ever!

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