Ginger Pic
Piper Colorado
Where do you live?
Denver, Colorado

Crysler Building
Where do you wish you lived?
New York City.  I lived there for graduate school and loved it.  I could handle Barcelona too!

What do you like to do on the weekends or with your free time?
I work.  I enjoy it because I can have some “think” time and can get organized.  I work with a youth group every weekend too.

Do you have children? If so, how many and ages?
I have 2 nephews and 5 nieces that I am pretty crazy about.  I spoil the heck out of them!

Do you have any animals?  What kind and their names?
I don’t.  I travel too much for business and figure it would not be fair.  I had a fish, but found it annoying to find someone to take care of it when I traveled.

Rosa Parks
Who is your favorite superhero?
My Mom and Rosa Parks.  My Mom because she has integrity, is fun, smart and thinks of others before herself.  She is as close to perfect as they come.  Rosa Parks because of her courage.

What is one thing that people typically don’t know about you?
I am super shy.

What is left on your bucket list?
More international travel (I can’t get enough), to work in an orphanage, build my own house, own a Tesla p90d, farm chickens and bees (I am jealous of Gigi, Craig’s rooster).

Speak English
Do you speak other languages other than English?
No, I have a hard enough time speaking English.

Why do you like working at WebPunch?
I am obsessed with WebPunch. I love the talented people we get to work with.  They are hard working, ethical and are family. I love to figure out our processes, work on our app and dream of where we are going.

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