Lisa Home
Where do you live?
Wichita, KS

Lisa Hawaii
Where do you wish you lived?
In a house on the beach, where it is warm all year round. Hawaii sounds perfect!

Lisa Pool
What do you like to do on the weekends or with your free time?
Finding a great deal; going to the pool; biking with the family

Lisa Kids
Do you have children? If so, how many and ages?
Yes – 5 daughters, 14, 12, 9, 8, 5

Lisa Hermit Crab
Do you have any animals?  What kind and their names?
2 fish – Leeda & Sapphire; 2 hermit crabs – Sandy & Coral; 1.5 outside cats – Millie and a stray male cat (that decided to make us his home a month ago) – no name, yet since we (mom and dad) have not said we can keep him yet . . .

Lisa Superhero
Who is your favorite superhero?
God is my TRUE superhero!! From a “movie” hero standpoint, I would say Superman — always gives me goosebumps when he saves someone in the movies. I know, that’s the “girl” in me!

Lisa Furniture
What is one thing that people typically don’t know about you?
I secretly WISH I could build quality furniture, just for fun . . . but know I would cause injury with a saw!!

Lisa Bucket List
What is left on your bucket list?
LOTS of things, but I never really made a list . . . someday, maybe

Lisa Language
Do you speak other languages other than English?

Lisa Dream Job
Why do you like working at WebPunch?
The PEOPLE are spectacular! I like making things “LOOK GOOD” and I enjoy seeing the positive results. I can HONESTLY say it really is a DREAM JOB! The flexibility it provides is just PHENOMENAL!

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