Nicola Misty Mountains
Where do you live?
“The Misty Mountains” near Wellington, New Zealand

Nicola Paekakariki
Where do you wish you lived?
Paekakariki (but at least it’s only 30 minutes away 🙂 )

Nicola walk on beach
What do you like to do on the weekends or with your free time?
fix my house, make stuff, read, meditate, walk in the surf on Paekakariki Beach, watch my son play soccer

Nicola Son
Do you have children? If so, how many and ages?
one awesome son Tukaha, aged 13

Nicola Chickens
Do you have any animals?  What kind and their names?
I used to have dogs, currently considering chickens

Nicola Spiderman
Who is your favorite superhero?

Nicola New Dehli
What is one thing that people typically don’t know about you?
I was born in New Dehli, India

Nicola Tiny House
What is left on your bucket list?
I’d love to build my own tiny house

Nicola Maori
Do you speak other languages other than English?
some French and Maori

Nicloa Team Awesome
Why do you like working at WebPunch?
WebPunch is such an awesome team! and not just because of the hats!

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