Where do you live?
Jacksonville, FL

Rachel Tropical Island
Where do you wish you lived?
Tropical Island

Rachel Weekends
What do you like to do on the weekends or with your free time?
Watch movies, eat popcorn, go on adventures with my kids and husband, and go to church

Rach kids
Do you have children? If so, how many and ages?
3 kids, ages 13, 11 and a very busy 3 year old

Rachel Magnus
Do you have any animals?  What kind and their names?
Dog, Black lab named Magnus

Doreen Wonder
Who is your favorite superhero?
Wonder Woman… love the outfit and red boots

Rachel Outhouse
What is one thing that people typically don’t know about you?
Had an outhouse growing up and lived in the boonies in VA

Rachel Safari
What is left on your bucket list?
African safari, blue oceans in Greece, Gondola ride in Italy, Eiffel tower in Paris

Rachel Languages
Do you speak other languages other than English?
3 words in spanish and french

Why do you like working at WebPunch?
I love our great team because we truly care about our clients and love making a difference with their online presence in a positive way. Our team is great fun and we have each others backs, no matter what!! Coming to work everyday is a joy!!

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