The Percentage Of Yelp Reviews Moved Into The “Not Currently Recommended Folder”

Many reviews get placed in Yelp’s “not currently recommended” folder. Yelp doesn’t disclose why reviews get sent to this review limbo land but it can be frustrating to both legitimate reviewers and businesses alike. We were curious so we looked at well over 1,000 reviews in different areas of the country and in different industries to try and get an understanding of who gets their reviews placed in this folder and why that may be. Here is what we found:

Oh dear Yelp!  You are in heaps of trouble…again!

Anyone hear of the Union Street Guest House scandal?  Apparently this inn was telling guest that if they left a negative review, then a $500 fee would be deducted from the deposit.  It’s been all over social media for the last couple of weeks.

Reviews on Yelp vs. Reviews on Google

Over the past year, the number of reviews on Google increased by 75%, while the number of reviews on Yelp increased by 130% according to a report by investment bank Piper Jaffray.  Does Yelp’s growth indicate that it is becoming the clear leader for reviews in today’s market place?