How Disgruntled Applicants are Hurting Your Online Reputation

We all know the obvious damage an unhappy customer can do to a business’s reputation. They can leave bad reviews or ratings on websites that potential clients see before deciding to use your business. But what about an unhappy job candidate? On the surface, it would seem like an interviewee wouldn’t be able to hurt […]

Five Ways to Improve Your NPS

In today’s world, a business’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the best ways to measure the average customer experience. NPS is calculated by taking data from simple one-question surveys completed by your customers and separating each customer into categories of promoter, detractor, or passive. The single question with an easy to use scale […]

Core Web Vitals: Understanding Google’s New Ranking Factor

Google recently announced that they’re going to add a new ranking factor to their algorithm, starting in 2021! This new factor is called Core Web Vitals, and understanding what it is can help your business rank higher on Google Search so that more people see the excellent services you have to offer. We’re always in […]

Lessons About Brand Voice From Twitter’s Worst Security Breach

The worst hack in Twitter history was carried out by a seventeen-year-old by the name of Graham Ivan Clark. Clark infiltrated accounts belonging to Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Kanye West, and many more, posting a fake message that appeared to be from them. All of the messages stated a variation of the one posted by […]