PunchBoard: Increase reviews, sales, and employee engagement

WebPunch’s newest platform, PunchBoard, is designed to get more reviews for your business and turbocharge your sales.


PunchBoard is the best employee recognition tool you need to make your company’s goal-setting a lively adventure filled with fun, friendly competition, and some seriously sweet rewards!

Goal Setting Made Easy

With PunchBoard, setting objectives is a breeze. You can tailor your goals to fit the unique needs of your business, whether it’s boosting your review count or focusing on another target that will pack a punch and position you above your competition. 


Our platform allows business owners to assign values to each goal and motivate their employees to take action. 

Empower Your Workforce

The magic of PunchBoard is in empowering your team and increasing engagement. With each goal they accomplish, your team earns rewards that they can redeem on our dashboard for a prize they select.


Gone are the days of deciphering what inspires your employees or feigning excitement at the prospect of an office pizza party!

Gamification is the Answer

PunchBoard encourages playful competition amongst your team. With live progress tracking and friendly texts to let them know where they stand, your staff can see how they measure up against their peers.


When you gamify the journey, you ensure everyone stays engaged, committed, and pumped for the goal!

Cultivate Team Spirit

With PunchBoard, employees can give each other kudos and even hand out virtual awards for a job well done. It’s all about forging bonds, building unity, and getting stuff done.


It’s time to have some fun, level up your reputation strategy, and foster a culture of recognition and celebration!

Q & A

Nope! There is no obligation to continue using this service. We recommend giving it a try for 3-6 months to allow your team to get the hang of it and see its impact on your business.

PunchBoard is an independently offered service, so you don’t need to enroll in our online reputation services to participate. However, if you’re interested in our multi-location or franchise-based services, feel free to contact us!

Any business that has multiple employees will benefit from PunchBoard! The magic happens on our platform when your team is incentivized to generate reviews on your behalf.

This is the beauty of PunchBoard: you can tailor your reward options to the interests and desires of your employees! We offer a plethora of options, ranging from restaurants to retail, getaways to gifts – the world of rewards is your oyster.

No, this is up to you! We are happy to facilitate the distribution of these rewards, but each company is responsible for funding the gift cards and other reward options.

Yes, there is a 3.5% fee that covers credit card transaction costs that occur when you purchase your team’s rewards.

Not at all. The gift cards and rewards are purchased by you in PunchBoard and used on our platform as an incentive for your team.