Is your business showing up everywhere it should online? We’ve got you covered. From Google to Facebook and even HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack, we’ll be sure you’re visible on the platforms you want to be on and rank highly on search results.

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According to LSA (Local Search Association) insights, “roughly 70% of the nearly $18 trillion US GDP is driven by consumer spending that occurs within 20 miles of home or work.”

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The most common way these consumers will search for businesses and products is a Google search. How can you make certain that your business is closest to the top of the list? We have a team at WebPunch whose sole responsibility is making sure you have the greatest market exposure for local searches, ensuring consumers in your area can easily find your business listings online. Once they find you, we can implement our suite of services to reassure them that you are a high-quality company that deserves their business.

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While having accurate business listings sets the foundation for optimizing search results, your listings need to be branded to keep your customers’ attention. We know businesses work incredibly hard to create their brand’s image. Our team will take that branding into the most important listings for your company. Our team of in-house graphic designers will add beautiful custom photos that show the quality of the work you do. Logos, cover images, and detailed business descriptions will offer consumers additional insight into the nature of your work. Credibility is all about continuity, and we make sure your business is gleaming from every angle.


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