the loop

Identifying what works and what doesn’t, but also taking actionable steps (Jon will zhuzh)

Feedback is cyclical in nature, in that you provide a service, your customer responds to how you did, you make adjustments, and repeat. Simply gaining feedback from your customers won’t be enough if you want highly satisfied customers. WebPunch helps you keep track and take actionable steps by Closing the Loop. With our WebPunch Dashboard, you’ll have all of your customer feedback at your fingertips; who it’s from, what they said, how to contact them, which one of your employees worked with them, and more.
In receiving feedback, identifying what is working and what isn’t is the starting point, but beyond that, taking action is crucial. When you receive feedback from a customer, positive or negative, you’ll have the chance to assign someone to reach out and respond. Make a lasting impression by offering a simple thank you or take the necessary measures to address any concerns they might have shared.

In matters of communication, timing is everything, and our Close the Loop process allows you to designate a set amount of time to respond to customer feedback. Based on your brand’s standards, you can choose how long the response window is and set alerts to remind your employees that a particular customer needs attention.

Once you’ve addressed the feedback, it’s time to Close the Loop! We’ve made the close button nice and fun to click too, because clicky buttons are the best.