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LImitless possibilities
While most businesses will want to survey their customers at the end of a transaction, WebPunch gives you the ability to send a survey at any point in the process. Perhaps you provide a quote to a client, and you’d like to understand what is working about your estimate process. Once you’ve provided the client with a quote, send them a survey and ask for their feedback! You’ll gain a better understanding of what went well and what could be improved. Maybe the customer didn’t accept your quote and went with another business to meet their needs. Find out why with a simple-to-send survey. Maybe your service is ongoing and you work with a particular customer over the course of a few months. Find out how things are progressing and if they’ve been happy with your service so far. These are but a few examples, but WebPunch will help you identify points along your customer journey where surveying could be to your advantage.

You may find that you want feedback from a specific person involved in the process if there are multiple parties involved. Not a problem with WebPunch. If you’re in the real estate market, you might use our software to survey homebuyers, sellers, and even their real estate agents. This provides you with a level of insight to capture all aspects of your business and the way you work with your customers. It’s an unprecedented depth that only WebPunch can provide.


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