INFOGRAPHIC: Sites that Allow for Facebook Authentication when Leaving Reviews

We’ve all gone to leave a review and then been asked to ‘login’ or ‘create an account’ and thought, ‘yuck, I don’t have time for this!’. Enter Facebook Authentication. There are 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users which means there is a very good chance the consumer has an account, can login with just a […]

Customer Service woes? Use Facebook!

By using Facebook as a customer service platform, you can quickly implement a process and platform that people know how to use and reassure them that you will respond by achieving your “Very Responsive to messages” badge.

Facebook Unofficial Pages, They’re a Problem!

Facebook Unofficial Pages are real and they can wreak havoc on your online reputation. These pages are coming from one of two avenues: a Facebook user creates a page with the name of your business that exists in tandem with your official page, or a page gets created by Facebook because you don’t currently have […]