Google Monetizes Business Listings; The Maps they are a-changing!

Local Search will never be the same, and here’s why: Now when a consumer searches for business listings on Google, say for ‘kangaroo daycare’ they’ll be presented with an ad-driven result before the rest of the organic business listings. As a business owner this means a couple of things: 1. You now have an opportunity to […]

Google Moves Reviews

Google+, New and Old In our last blog post, we showed the differences between Google’s new beta Google+ listings and the “Classic” Google+ format. The most concerning difference was the absence of reviews or the option to leave reviews for businesses on Google+. This difference deeply concerned many companies that had worked hard to get great […]

Google Does it Again

Like the colors of a chameleon, Google is an ever-changing company, and they are at it again! Recently, Google introduced the public to the new look and dynamic of its Google+ listings. This new face is quite a departure from the “Google+ classic” pages that we have become accustomed to using. Check out the screenies […]