Apple’s iOS 14: Changes Coming to Ratings and Reviews in Apple Maps

Each year, Apple fans wait with eager anticipation for the new iOS to become available for download on the iPhone. This year, iOS 14 has arrived with some really great new features, including customizable home screens, leading to many Apple fans showing off what they’ve done to theirs with their newfound superpowers (while Android users […]

Sites that Allow you to Respond to Online Reviews [INFOGRAPHIC]

The relationship that your company fosters with your current client base is important. Putting effort into the customer connection pays off as it resolves doubts, boosts enthusiasm for what you do and helps the patrons of your business spread the word about what a great brand you have built.

One of the best ways a company can build a relationship with it’s clientele is to respond to the reviews they post online. When you respond to reviews, you demonstrate that you are actively listening and taking action to the needs, requests and accolades that your customers bring to light in public forums about your brand. This two-way conversation can do wonders for your online reputation.

Will Foursquare Forfeit to Google, Yelp and Facebook?

When local listings and social media come together, the result can be a real knockout. Foursquare has been one of the biggest contenders in this fight, using its local search and discovery service to carve a real niche in the marketplace.