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Top 10: Classic Responses to Negative Google and Yelp Reviews

We’ve got some great examples of businesses responding to reviews.

Below are some online reviews from business owners that will make you go WOW. Some are funny, some are aggressive and some are just downright practical ways of responding to reviews to get them taken down.

Responding to online reviews is never a waste of time, whether they are positive or negative. Responding shows that a business is active and responsive to its customers’ praises and concerns. And responding to negative reviews, when done correctly, can result in turning detractors into lifelong customers. However, crafting a response to a negative online review in a timely manner requires a lot of strategy and thinking; that’s what our Reputation Defenders do best.

While we appreciate the examples below, we really posted some of them just because of the WOW-factor. If your business gets a fiery, negative review, we suggest that you take a deep breath before saying anything you might regret. Then call your Reputation Defender to craft the most appropriate response; one that addresses the issue, admits fault (if applicable), and invites the reviewer to a do-over.  In the meantime, enjoy some rational responses and some off-the-wall responses:





Google the phrase “responding to online reviews” and you’ll run into this one most definitely. While we appreciate the chef’s passion and theatrics for this outrageous response, we don’t advise going this route by any means. Granted, this sounds like a rough table.





Great example and proof of how responding to online reviews can turn a negative into a positive, or a detractor into a promotor. A genuine response from the owner, accepting fault, and asking the customer to come back got this pest control company three extra stars. Remember, even just one 1-star review will take a business’s overall rating down a notch.





Some people just like to start fights, huh? This guy got two responses from the owner. Whatever you do, whatever happens – just keep your cool, accept it, and give them what they want (within reason) so that everyone can move on. 





It’s not always easy, but there are ways to get negative online reviews taken down. Read more about this in one of our earlier posts here.





Here’s another doozy. Chef Salvatore had a few words for Lee L. to say the least. If you feel like writing a response like this, we advise that you stop and assume the fetal position until this feeling goes away.





We appreciate the level-headed response and genuine concern, but we probably won’t be back. . . unless it’s been demolished, de-bugged, rebuilt and turned into a completely different restaurant. Great response, though! 





Lots of info here! We think it’s best to keep things short and sweet when repsonding to online reviews. Move along.





Chef Salvatore is at it again, banishing people from his restaraunt. We get it, nobody likes their baby being called ugly. But when responding to online reviews, you’ve got to bite your tongue and ask them to come again. Evelynn P. is probably STILL talking about her experience and this review response. “No soup for you!”





This is a tough call. We can see where Anthony is going, trying to get this review taken down or at least discredited. The jury’s out to lunch.





And finally, some light sarcasm to finish it off. Here’s some advice: don’t get involed in marital affairs or relationships when responding to online reviews. Probably best to not even mention them! 

Remember, stay calm and call upon your Reputation Defenders when crafting a review response. Once the rage or that pestered feeling dies down, you’ll be thankful you did. 


Ginger Jones

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