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INFOGRAPHIC: 2017 State of Customer Feedback

Positive growth is often the result of constructive criticism. For businesses, that often comes in the form of customer feedback. The harshest reviews or survey responses can be the most useful tools for a company as they provide powerful insight into the shortcomings of a business. In turn, owners and managers can make operational improvements to resolve customer issues while attracting new clientele at the same time.

Ask your customers what they think. Don’t fear the feedback, embrace it.




Send those surveys out! Consumers are willing to answer them – especially if they are only 1-5 questions long. According to our WebPunch survey, people aren’t being bombarded with surveys and are therefore more likely to fill one out. Since 42% of consumers haven’t been approached in the last six months to give feedback, be the company who asks for it! Fill the gap. Seize that opportunity to grow.