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4 Ways Nextdoor is Helping Businesses Thrive

Last month we introduced Nextdoor as a great site and app to add to the ole’ online reputation management strategy. We also talked about some of the ins and outs of the site, including how to get your first recommendation so that you can really get punching!

Since we first got in the ring with Nextdoor (as a sparring partner, that is), we have discovered a few nuances that we think are encouraging as you begin to use the site to reach out to your business’s immediate community. It shows Nextdoor’s commitment  to integrating businesses into the platform and getting them in front of neighbors.

Nextdoor can be a great marketing tool for your business as well as a resource for your neighborhood and we are all about supporting the local team.

Here are a few things we’ve discovered:


  • Often Nextdoor users will post a note asking for recommendations for say, a heating and cooling provider. When a neighbor is replying to someone’s request for a business and they name a business they’ve worked with, Nextdoor picks up on that and recognizes the establishment. When they press send, a box will pop up saying something along the lines of, “We noticed that you’re talking about ABC Heating and Cooling. Would you like to recommend them?” And then the user can press yes or no. If yes, that’s another recommendation on that business’s Nextdoor page. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


  • Take this a step further. When scrolling through this thread where someone is looking for heating and cooling, the businesses that get mentioned and recommended, like above, have their business URL linked to. At the bottom of the comment it says “See more about:ABC Heating and Cooling.” So, the original poster or anyone else looking for similar services can easily access the businesses mentioned and recommended in the comments thread.
  • Sometimes Nextdoor will push certain types of businesses. For example, we’ve noticed that on our newsfeed, small boxes in between people’s comments come up and ask for favorite pizza shops, flower shops and so on. Looks like they are trying to beef up their recommendations portfolio…they want businesses in the ring!
  • Finally, they include sponsored businesses or products. In the newsfeed, there will sometimes be an outlined box highlighting a product or service. Underneath the photo and brief description of the product or service, it shows recent recommendations.

4 Ways Nextdoor is Helping Businesses Thrive

These are just a few ways that Nextdoor is getting businesses in the mix. If you haven’t already, snoop around the site and claim your business to really understand how Nextdoor can help your brand become an intregal part of its immediate community.