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Increase your reviews and empower your employees with PunchBoard by WebPunch


WebPunch’s New Innovative Tool for Increasing Online Business Reviews & Empowering Employees

We are proud to introduce WebPunch’s newest heavyweight game-changer! Entering the arena this February, ladies and gentlemen, please join us in welcoming PunchBoard.

PunchBoard is a revolutionary tool that helps businesses increase online reviews, define their idea of success, and motivate employees like never before. With an emphasis on customization, PunchBoard allows companies and their employees to bypass a one-size-fits-all approach to goal-setting, review generation, and progress tracking.

Define & Refine Goal-Setting

Every successful business has a range of objectives, all as unique as the people who set them. Let’s say your company wants 100 more online reviews by the end of the year. How do you keep track of your progress? And how do you hold your employees accountable for contributing to the mission? Harder yet, how do you engage them to deploy your business goals?

PunchBoard is the premier employee motivation and accountability tool, allowing business owners to assign a target number of reviews for each employee. Owners can also designate a reward value to each earned review, encouraging their team to keep an eye on the prize and incentivizing active participation.

Empower Your Team

And what prize might that be?” you may ask. Whichever prize each employee values the most!

Not only does the PunchBoard dashboard automatically populate your online reviews so you can see them in one place, but those reviews can also be attributed to the teammate who earned them. As employees achieve (and exceed) their review goals, they accumulate rewards that can be redeemed on our platform for a gift card of their choice. 


For the foodies, maybe it’s a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Those needing some R&R may opt for a session at Massage Envy. Perhaps a Visa gift card for the employee who prefers to keep their options open. Whatever drives your workforce, PunchBoard offers a plethora of incentives to light your frontline’s inner fire and get those reviews rolling in.

Gamify Daily Business Operations

Let’s not forget about bragging rights! By gamifying the review generation experience, PunchBoard promotes friendly competition and an innate desire to be the group champion. Employees will have access to a company-wide leaderboard, letting them know exactly where they stand among their coworkers.

Create A Culture of Celebration & Teamwork

To balance the spirit of competition with an emphasis on unity, all employees have access to the overall progress made by the team. As they watch the progress bar grow, teams feel more accomplished, connected, and motivated toward a shared outcome. PunchBoard is all about forging bonds and inspiring smiles. After all, happy employees lead to happy customers and happy reviews!

Ready To Rumble?

PunchBoard is a no-contract, stand-alone feature perfect for any business with a team behind it. Lace up your gloves and get ready to level up your game! Reach out to matt@webpunch.com to learn more.


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