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Meet Your Cornerman: Karin Siccardi

Karin Siccardi defends brands like there’s no tomorrow.

Topping the list of fighters to have in your corner, if Karin Siccardi is not caring for her family, she’s responding to reviews and with a brimming smile and patience surpassed by few.

And after some time spent defending reputations, we further discovered her knack for detail. Karin was quickly incorporated into the content team where she kindly corrects our writers’ blog drafts and any company copy, making sure any and all text is fit to print.

No matter the day, the project, or working environment, Karin is a delight to throw punches with as we help businesses build their brand. And without further ado, we’d like to offer you the chance to get to know Karin a little bit better:







What has been the most exciting thing you have done in your life?
The obvious most exciting things would be getting married and having four kids…and those things were and still are definitely exciting! But besides marriage and mommy-ing, a hugely-exciting thing that I have been lucky enough to do is explore the island of Kauai. My husband and I were able to travel the island by helicopter, four-wheeler, bicycle, and by sea. I swam with the most magnificent sea turtles, four-wheeled through the famous tunnel from the Indiana Jones movie set, reveled in the island’s aerial view during a slightly nerve-wracking helicopter ride, and enjoyed a simple bike ride along the coast of Kauai. It was hands-down the most majestic and breathtaking place I’ve ever experienced.

What is one thing you would never do again and why?
We’ve gone to Disney World only once as a family and I have made a personal vow that I will never again ride on “It’s a Small World” because that doggone song is STILL stuck in my head. I would also like to mention that I will never lose track of my youngest child at Disney. NOT that anything like that actually happened…okay fine..it did happen and this is why I don’t consider Disney the most magical place on earth. (See number 1) And don’t worry, we found him! And…Disney is actually truly AMAZING. Thank you for a truly magical time, Grandmom and Papa Joe!

If your life were a book, what is the name of the current chapter that you’re living in now?
The current chapter of my book is called “Searching for the Elusive Balance.”

What brands are your favorite and why?
I’m all about Target because I can get groceries, clothing and duct tape all in one shot. I’m also slightly obsessed with Amazon because I can order anything at any time and it’ll get shipped to me anywhere. We do every last bit of our Christmas shopping on Amazon! I may just be lazy…

What are your biggest passions in life?
Oh, wow. My number one passion is to raise kind, compassionate and hard-working human beings who desire to contribute good things to the world. Lofty, I know. I want to find joy in the simple, ordinary things and to do my part to make our world a more peaceful place. I aspire to do my job well and to be intentional about spending quality time with my family. These endeavors sometimes require copious amounts of chocolate and heavy doses of humor.

There you have it folks, Karin Siccardi! You can hear her smiling through the text. She’s a caring mother, with a streak of adventure, plenty of wonder, and a touch of playful sarcasm in her humerous observations about life and motherhood—all of which we can’t get enough of. If you feel like sending Karin a thank-you or random present, she will always accept coffee, chocolate, and good jokes. We know you’re jealous we get to work with Karin . . .