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Meet Your Cornerman: Matthew Van Deventer

Matthew Van Deventer is WebPunch’s very own premier researcher, investigative journalist, content writer and podcaster. His ability to capture the scoop is surpassed by none and we are lucky to have him as part of the content team.
When he’s not stuck in the dungeon crunching numbers, you can find him on the streets, talking to people and getting their opinions on everything related to customer feedback, online reviews, online monitoring, responding to reviews, and business listings. He then has the amazing ability to translate all that information into concise, easy-to-read blog articles.
Matthew’s laid-back personality makes him easy to work with and his approachable-ness makes it easy for people to open up to him, which comes in handy when he’s interviewing business owners for the WebPunch podcast (coming soon!). We asked him a few questions so read on to discover more about the adventures of Matthew.














Top three favorite brands and why?

Tesla: Maybe I should say that Elon Musk is my favorite brand! Everything he does is pretty revolutionary and Tesla vehicles look pretty slick. Tesla is the first car company to break into the industry since its beginning, and they did so with a whole new concept: energy efficiency that looks good and works well. Not only that, Musk is the co-founder of SolarCity, SpaceX, he developed plans for the Hyperloop, and is looking at getting computers into people’s brains. He’s trying to save the world one multi-billion dollar business idea at a time.

Surly: a rugged bike brand with a really cool, rugged, adventurous look. A Surly CrossCheck was the first new bike I bought and I rode if from New York to New Orleans to San Diego with two friends.

Odell Brewing: I like my local brands too. This is a Colorado brewery in Fort Collins. I’ve never not liked a brew they pushed out and their graphics are refreshing and outdoorsy. If their 90 Shillings is on tap somewhere I’ll most likely get it.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for?

Inch ball, probably because me and the 5 others who made the game up are the only ones who know how to play it.

What songs have you completely memorized? What’s your go-to band?

For being a writer, I am awful with song lyrics. I know most of the words to the song “One Week” by BareNaked Ladies. Right now, my go to band is Alabama Shakes, DJ Wax Tailor, Chance the Rapper and Kaytranada.

What are your greatest passions?

Stories. I also dabble in some journalism outside of WebPunch, occasionally writing local news stories on a variety of topics. A lot of that entails listening to people talk, asking them questions, then listening more, and then converting it into something everybody else would finding interesting and enjoyable to read. Along with that comes getting wrapped up into other people’s ideas and ventures. So you could also say I’m super passionate about whatever I’m listening to at that moment, which can be fun and very annoying at the same time! Me outloud: “Tell me about your underwater-basket-weaving-in Madagascar-career.” Me internally: “Wow, maybe I should veer my career in the direction of underwater basket weaving in Madagascar.”

They say that everyone has a book in them. What would your book be about?

I have a couple of book ideas floating around in my head that would be science fiction. Any novel would be an outlet to let my imagination run wild. I like movies and books that take me on some weird adventure and that’s what I would like to write about . . . preferably adventures in space and in the future.

What’s the best and worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Best: Life is like a roll of toilet paper, long and useful.

Worst: I try to forget bad advice.

There you have it folks, Matthew Van Deventer! You can feel his enthusiasm oozing through the text. He’s a loving huband and an awesome dad who coaches his 3-year old daughter’s soccer team; so basically, he’s a saint. We’re still in disbelief that he pulled off a three-leg bike ride from New York to New Orleans to San Diego. What?! We love his sense of adventure and his ability to put himself in the shoes of whoever he’s researching at that moment. One day you’ll see his name on the cover of the newest science fiction book and he’ll be an international best-selling author. We love having Matthew on our team!