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Things You’ll Love About Reputation Management Software

As a business owner, you’re juggling dozens, maybe hundreds of locations and tasks and you don’t have time to go skimming through countless reams of data and information to make educated decisions about your brand. Instead, you need access to points of information that are clear and concise; ones that enable you to make those decisions quickly in order to better your company and its brand image. Say hello to your new friend, Reputation Management Software.

And no longer is Reputation Management Software solely used for generating positive reviews for your business. Instead, it provides you with a holistic story of how your brand is performing in the public eye. It shows you who’s for your brand, who’s against it, who’s in-between, and opportunities for making sure your brand is performing optimally.

Reputation Management Software organizes the countless things people are saying about your brand into one cohesive and easy to use dashboard—at least that’s what ours does!

Millions of points of information scattered across the web are seamlessly compiled into charts, graphs, and rankings so that you, the business owner, can see who is saying what and why at any given moment.

Reputation Management Software uses a system of carefully crafted algorithms to comb the internet, particularly online review sites, and target comments about your brand. The software then takes that information and organizes it in such a way that you can actually use it.



Language Analyzer

Words words words. Our Reputation Management Software is so smart it can pull the most-used keywords from online feedback. Not only that, it will tie to it a positive or negative sentiment so that you know which aspects of business are going well and which ones may need some attention.




Business on the Endangered List

Detractors, or customers who didn’t have the best of experiences with your brand, are answering surveys with ones, twos, and threes out of a possible ten in customer surveys, and leaving negative reviews online. That’s business lost not only from them, but from those who see that negative feedback. Our Reputation Management Software calculates just how much revenue your business could be losing from those detractors so you know which areas to focus on.

At the same time, learn how much revenue each customer is making you, too. We’re talking live results, baby!





A Promoter is a Business’s Best Friend

One of the many knock-out features included in our Reputation Management Software is that it generates your company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), a score that measures customer loyalty to your brand.

Your NPS score is created by subtracting the percentage of people that gave your company high marks (promoters) by those who gave your company negative remarks (detractors).

It’s crucial that the Reputation Management Software you choose provides you with an honest, baseline NPS so that you and our Reputation Defenders (another feature we are quite proud of) know where to go from there. Our Reputation Management Software does this by surveying your customers about their experience with your company.

Doing this not only produces your company’s NPS, it also identifies customers who have had bad experiences with your company but haven’t yet made that public by posting a negative review to an online forum. After the survey has been completed is a great time to identify, and then reach out to those detractors before they go public with their experience.

If your NPS is estimated at an 83%, when it’s really 45%, you’re not going to be working as hard as you could be to get that number up there where we want it, which is in the upper 80’s and 90’s.




Details, Details, Details!

Know what percentage of your sent surveys were delivered, who answered them, and how with Reputation Management Software. Go deeper and understand how your customers like to communicate, whether it’s through text, email, or phone; all by how they responded to your surveys!





In grade school, 70% or below wasn’t such a good grade and you might be taking summer school. However, in NPS world, 55% is pretty darn good. Regardless, there’s still a bar set.

At the top of our Reputation Management Software dashboard, you can see how your NPS compares to loyalty leaders like Amazon, Apple, Nordstrom, or Zappos who are scoring between 50% and 80%. While we think companies should be focusing on their customers, you still need a bar to reach, a goal to meet; because in the end, we’re all trying to win the race. Seeing loyalty leaders’ NPS scores can help you keep your eyes up and on the prize and let you know how far you’ve got to go before you’re at the top. Keep chugging!

And there is more than one way to use this information.




Lo Siento?

There are other uses, like being notified by your Reputation Management Software when a negative online review has been posted about one of your locations.

This negative feedback needs to be dealt with pronto! Like yesterday. If you were shopping at a grocery store and had a bad experience and raised concern right there at the shop, you would expect it to be resolved. The store wants to make sure that you’ll be a return customer and that’s definitely not going to happen if they smile and send you on your way without a solution or acknowledgment that you’ve had a problem.

Our Reputation Management Software notifies you when one of your locations has received a negative review on a review site. Another unique feature of WebPunch’s software is that it is backed by our Reputation Defenders who work one-on-one with you to make sure that a customer’s negative experience is resolved, giving you a better chance of retaining them for the long-run. We think that every negative comment should be dealt with by a well-thought-out and genuine response created by a real human being—the old-fashioned way!

(For the record, we think that companies should be responding to promoters’ positive reviews too!)

Maybe you’re thinking, that’s just one customer. But one negative customer giving one of your locations a 2-star rating is seen by the thousands of potential customers visiting your site while deciding whether or not you’re the one they want.




Thanks for Thanking Us

Something a lot of businesses don’t necessarily think about is what to do with all those dang positive reviews. While we all appreciate getting positive feedback, it’s easy to just take it and not do anything with it.

With Reputation Management Software, you’ll know the negative and positive conversation around your brand—WebPunch responds to both accordingly so you don’t have to spend time thinking about what to say and how to say it. Every promoter or customer who gives you a high rating about their experience with your company is a free nugget of marketing for your brand.

That’s why Reputation Management Software should not only report on brand detractors but also brand promoters, so you can say, “Thank you, we appreciate you too!”.



Things You will Love About Reputation Management Software

All the Pretty Lights

Who doesn’t love perusing social media, checking football stats, swiping up for information pertinent to you, and feeling that warm glow of an LED screen on your face? Checking your company’s Reputation Management Software can be just as satisfying.

WebPunch’s software is chock-full of charts, graphs, lists, percentages, and insights just ready to be stared at. It’s sort of like watching your stocks go up, your favorite sports team’s stats build, or story close to home unfold. That is, the story of your online reputation.

We think the Reputation Management Software dashboard is just so darn sexy! Track the good, the bad, and your competition. Watch your brand rise through the ranks after implementing a new process. See your stars go from ok to great after turning detractors into promoters.

Understand your brand and get onboard with Reputation Management Software. You’ll see the results in no time . . .especially since they’ll be displayed on the dashboard!