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Beware the Stepford Wives! Reviews that are too good to be true

You’re just too good to be true…even when it comes to your business reviews! A common misconception when managing your online reviews is that getting all 5 star reviews is the end goal. Getting great reviews is definitely a top priority since it means your customers love you! But with anything in life moderation is key. You should be okay with some reviews that are less than perfect.

What’s that you say? Shouldn’t I be spending every waking minute trying to get all 5 star reviews? No and it’s for a simple reason. Too much of a good thing is a red flag to anyone and as it applies to your potential customers, and your business is no different.

You don’t want your page to look like a Stepford Wife. It makes customers think that what they are seeing is totally phony. A bunch of listings that look too good to be true and will make potential customers say ‘hmmm.’

When a less than perfect review pops up remember to stay calm and focus on the things you can do instead of how to make the review to go away.

Was the reviewer honest: Did what the reviewer say actually happen? There’s a chance that yes you goofed or your interaction with that customer was less than perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and the most important thing is to acknowledge and apologize. You rectifying that issue will make your reviews better in the future

Review is news to you: Is this the first you are hearing of a potential issue? Again here’s the chance to make it right! You might not have known unless this review came about. I’s another opportunity for you and no reason for alarm.

Had an ‘okay’ experience: Maybe a reviewer had a fine time but nothing really gave them cause to gush about your service. Or maybe they’re just not the type to give 5 stars, no matter what. There might be a clue here as to how your business can improve and definitely a way to ask for additional info as to what would make the service better, which WebPunch does for you as part of our service.

It’s a phony, a negative phony: Someone who never used your service gives you a bad review. There are plenty of ways to get this review taken down if they are in fact totally off base. Don’t freak as WebPunch will go through the necessary actions to do so.

It’s okay to be a touch imperfect, in fact customers will most likely be more prone to check out your service because it’s legit. Those Stepford Wives of the online world set off plenty of alarms for a reviewer that knows that some things are just too good to be true.