What’s great/Not so great with Google’s New Local Search

Two weeks ago we talked about how Google Local Search is now incorporating Ads in the top listings that comes up during a local search. Today we share what that actually looks like on your device, and how you can get your Business Listing on board.

Google Monetizes Business Listings; The Maps they are a-changing!

Local Search will never be the same, and here’s why: Now when a consumer searches for business listings on Google, say for ‘kangaroo daycare’ they’ll be presented with an ad-driven result before the rest of the organic business listings. As a business owner this means a couple of things: 1. You now have an opportunity to […]

Local Listings: Data Aggregators vs. Manual Uploads

Sometimes late a night, a person requires burritos. Recently, I needed my south of the border fix and I went to Google to help me find a tortilla peddler who was open in my neighborhood. The problem that I found was that many of the Mexican restaurant listings in my area didn’t have their hours […]