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What’s great/Not so great with Google’s New Local Search

Two weeks ago we talked about how Google Local Search is now incorporating Ads in the top listings that comes up during a local search. Today we share what that actually looks like on your device, and how you can get your Business Listing on board.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins in Local Search appear as a logo dropped right inside a Google Map. These pins could appear as you look at a map, or could even show up in your driving route. For example, the logo for the closest promoted pin might pop up as you follow on-screen directions from your office to a meeting.



Promoted Pin Promoted Pins are a lovely lavender color. Looking good!                                           Promoted Pins are a lovely lavender color. Looking good!



Promoted Pins benefit business because:

Consumers searching for a service can see all these at a glance: an idea of avg. reviews, how far away the location is as well as the visual of where on a map a service is. Almost no need to click or research, which is exactly what a mobile user desires. The promoted Business Listing stands out from the competition with that top spot as well as a highlighted pin on the map.



Getting into that sweet spot of the top 3 search results is now that much harder with this advertising feature. The top spot will now be saved for the highest bidder, so yeah…another way for Google to make money. If you aren’t paying your Business Listing will be bumped down in the (formerly all organic) rankings.


Local Inventory
Local Inventory and promotions have been available for some time in Google search on the web, but now it’s being integrated in these locally featured ads. It’s all part of Google’s integrated approach to getting consumers as much information they can for the places closest to them. On mobile, within maps, all at your fingertips.


Local Inventory benefits the Business by:

Giving your potential customers the peace of mind that when they arrive to your store, they’ll be able to pick up just what they need. Awesome for product specific search as well as reducing the need for a consumer to pick up the phone and call you.



Updating the inventory. Google Local has plenty of help but you need to make sure it’s fully up to date or you could end up with unhappy customers.


Pay Per Click

How will a business be Charged?  Pricing is Pay-Per-Click for: Location detail clicks, Get Direction clicks and Mobile ‘clicks to call’

You’ll soon start seeing these ads whenever you search in maps. And while these ads are going to show up on Desktop and mobile, it’s safe to assume mobile results will be viewed plenty since (according to Marketing Today) at least 65% of digital use is mobile. Want to get on board? Head to Google Support and start there. See you around the neighborhood!