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Yelp has gone Pokemon Go crazy too!

Can your Business jump on the Pokemon Craze?

Pokemon Go is all the rage. And now the juggernaut Online Review Site Yelp has updated their review search filters to get on board. You can search for services that are close to a Poke Stop so you can now spend your Saturday running errands, grabbing lunch and catching a Pikachu or Pidgey.

Yelp is populating this data completely through it’s users feedback. Yelp isn’t actually scraping the Niantec App’s data to find out where Pokemon Go stops are. They instead are asking Yelp users if there’s a Pokemon stop nearby when they leave a review.

This has us thinking of ways you can use this craze to your advantage too. Pokemon Go sales! Stop here before you catch your Charmander or Squirtle! ‘Stop in for a free water from us while you are playing’ and so on. Technology is heading in some crazy directions and we think businesses should use it as an opportunity to connect with current new and future customers!