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Angie’s List is Now Free!

Online Reviews on Angie’s List now visible for Free

Angie’s List, the popular website for finding, hiring and reviewing local businesses is now free to join! Since it’s founding in 1995 the service has always been paywall protected. Consumers weren’t able to see online reviews and local service providers couldn’t get on the site without an annual subscription.

So why are we so hyped up about this? Our favorite thing to do, and talk about, is monitoring your business’ online reviews. So this news, well it’s a HUGE deal! There are a few key aspects of your online presence that will be affected.

These include:

Your Online Rankings

Angie’s List Online Business Reviews used to be hidden from any user that wasn’t willing to fork out an annual payment. Lifting that paywall curtain means that Angie’s List free website reviews will now help your rankings – and in a big way! If you have a listing on Angie’s List then inevitably you will get a nice Bump when it comes to Search Engine Results.

If your business isn’t already claimed on Angie’s List then get on it today! Start here and search for and claim your company, making sure any future clientele can find you on Angie’s List and then review accordingly.

Your Online Reviews

This news of course now means barriers for the Reviewers AND the Reviewed are totally gone. Any negative Angie’s List reviews that might have been ‘secret’ are now publicly available. But this is no reason to worry. Just like with all other review sites, this means that it’s just as important as ever to find out what your customers think, engage with them accordingly and then improve your service based on what you learn.

Your Review Monitoring Service

Will your Review Monitoring agent pull Angie’s List reviews? Soon! The WebPunch team is hard at work determining how to pull those reviews so stay tuned.

Oh and let’s say you’re not a ‘contractor, plumber or other Angie’s List usual? Now that the paywall has been lifted then It’s likely more industries are to follow.