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VIDEO: How to Improve Your NPS® (Net Promoter Score®)

Hi. I’m Matt Jones with Web Punch. And I’m here to talk to you about how to improve your NPS®. A Net Promoter Score® is a really great way for you to understand the things that you’re doing right and wrong with your business, and it can be a great way for others to see how well your customers like the experience that you’re offering them. But how can you make that score better? There are a few things. The general process is pretty simple. We’re going to obviously start with surveying the client. We’re going to ask them the two questions to see what you’re doing right and to see what things can be improved upon. And then, we’re going to analyze that data.



You’re going to look at that and see, okay, these are the top keywords that are used in a negative sentiment, and these are the top keywords that are used in a positive way. And after that, you’re going to reach out to your clients and you’re going to say, “Hey, these are some things that this client wasn’t happy with.” Let’s reach out to that client; talk to them, communicate and say, “Hey, this is the issue that you were having. This is the plan of action that we’re going to take in order to make your experience better.” Let them know exactly the steps that you’re going to be taking to improve the process and customer experience. And once you’ve done that, ask them if you can resurvey them.

After you’ve put your plan of action into place and they’ve seen it, say, “We know that this was a problem for you and this is what we’ve done to fix it. Were you happy with the way we performed?” How you can do that is by resurveying your client. When you resurvey, hopefully, they’ll have a lot better experience and they will rank you higher, which will make your Net Promoter Score® increase. That’s the general way to do it. It’s all about reaching out to your clients, making the process better and then resurveying them so that they can let you know that “Yes, you’ve done a great job,” or “There’s still some way to go in terms of making me happy.”

How to Improve Your Net Promoter Score

Hopefully, you have learned something and can make your processes better so that your NPS® is off the charts. I’m Matt Jones with Web Punch. We’ll catch you next time.