VIDEO: Getting Negative Reviews from Google and Yelp Removed

How do you get reviews removed on Google and Yelp? That’s the big question people always ask us and we’ve got the answers for you. My name is Matt Jones. I’m your teacher and this is WebPunch’s School of Online Reputation Management.

How to Respond to Bad Reviews

Well, it finally happened: you Googled your company only to find out that your star rating isn’t as shiny as you thought it would be. There are mixed reviews. There are bad reviews. As a business owner, it’s hard not to see red or feel disappointed when someone has written unsavory characterizations about your company. […]

VIDEO: Yelp’s Bark is Bigger than its Bite

Happy summer, everyone. It’s Matt Jones, your Review and Reputation Management Specialist, here to talk to you about everyone’s favorite directory that we like to hate, and that is Yelp. Several months ago, as most of you are aware, Yelp came out with a change to their policy. And the change said, “If you’re a […]

VIDEO: 2017 Trends in Online Reputation Management

Here are your trends in online reputation management. I am Matt Jones, co-founder of WebPunch. I’d like to talk to you today about some of the tips, some of the points, some of the trends that we’re seeing in the ever-changing world of reputation management. One of the first things that we’re seeing is that […]

VIDEO: Do You Treat All Your Customers the Same?

Welcome to another episode of WebPunch’s School of Online Reputation Management. It’s early summer, things are hot. I’m your host, Matt Jones, here to drop some knowledge. I’m here to discuss a little bit of a topic that most business owners are pretty sensitive to, and that’s customers. How many of you have said, “Oh, […]

Google’s Owner Review Response Notification a Boon for Businesses

If you’re a business that takes the time to respond to your Google reviews, there is good news afloat! Google just announced that it will now notify a reviewer when a business has responded to their review. Google is calling this new feature “Owner Review Response Notification.” Here’s what Google had to say about this […]

VIDEO: 3 Things Google Can do to Help the Fake Review Problem

Welcome Web Punch Nation. I am Matt Jones, your host. It might look a little different today because I was out taking some photos in Canada this last weekend and I dropped a lens that broke, and I didn’t want to use that for the video. So I’ve got a different lens on there so […]

Customer Feedback Survey | How to Set Up a Lost Prospect Survey

Life can be pretty hard sometimes.  There are times when your basement floods or your car gets towed or that rare occasion where the lottery ticket you bought turns out to be a dud.  In business, there are times when you don’t close the deal and when that happens, it can really shake the confidence […]

VIDEO: How to Respond to Positive Reviews

Welcome to another episode of WebPunch’s Online Reputation Management School. I’m Matt Jones, your teacher, and today we’re going to be discussing how to respond to positive reviews. A lot of people ask us, “Well, I understand why I need to address negative reviews but why should I respond to positive reviews?” We’re going to […]

VIDEO: How to Win with Customer Experience

What is up, WebPunch nation? This is your professor, Matt Jones, coming at you from Denver, Colorado, here to drop some knowledge about what’s going on in the world of reputation management and how you can make things better for your business. First and foremost, what is up with my fabulous mustache? Let me show you […]