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Who’s Posting Reviews When and in What Industry? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wonder which days of the week people like to post reviews the most? What about whether or not the day the review gets posted correlates to the business’s industry? No? Just us? Well, that’s what we’re here for, to ask the tough questions and find the answers, or at least have our researchers find them (don’t worry, we cracked the windows this time).

We wanted to know what days of the week people like to post online reviews the most. We also wanted to see if consumers’ review posting practices changed with the industry. So, we had our review scientists look at more than 1200 reviews across the six industries we’ve been following (auto, healthcare, real estate, legal, restaurants, and cleaning services) on two different review sites (Facebook and Yelp).

According to our findings, Thursday is review day! Statistically, someone is more likely to leave a review for a business they patronized on a Thursday than any other day of the week. Seems like a good day to leave an online review. You don’t want to be doing that kind of thing on your weekend and well, it’s likely that whatever services they were receiving wrapped up earlier in the week and then comes Thursday, review day! Conversely, Sunday is the least likely day that people post online reviews about a business, followed by good ‘ole hump day, Wednesday.

Interestingly, restaurants are overwhelmingly reviewed the most on Fridays and Saturdays, two of the industry’s busiest days. And in the auto mechanic industry, people posted reviews the most on Mondays and Tuesdays, maybe when they pick up their car after leaving it at some point during the week or weekend and picking it up the following week. Both restaurants and auto shops were reviewed the least on Saturday and Sunday, usually when the shops are closed or have significantly shortened hours.

Cleaning companies showed the least reviews on Saturdays. . . let’s be real, who’s getting their house cleaned by someone else when they’re already at home relaxing?! People who use a cleaning service tend to leave the company a review on Thursdays and Fridays; we bet that’s when they schedule their house to be cleaned, right before the weekend, when they’re home . . .not cleaning it.

Carry on for the full results!


Who is Posting Reviews When and in What Industry


There you have it folks, the results are in! What can you do with this information? Plenty! For example, if you’re in the auto mechanic industry, be prepared to be reviewed heavily on Mondays and Tuesdays. Put extra energy into requesting reviews from customers whose vehicles are being released to them on those days. Same goes for all other industries. Take a moment to understand the significance of your review day(s). Ask questions that are unique to your business: “Why that day? Who left a review on that particular day and when did we provide them with services? How can we harness that energy to increase the number of reviews on that day of the week? Can we get people reviewing more on other days too?” As always, we like to understand the individual results. So, when you discover those answers, fill us in!


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