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Spread the Love with Facebook Campaigns

Spread the love and get some love by launching your next Facebook campaign.  Get creative and bring your audience closer.

Last October we celebrated National Women’s Small Business Month by highlighting successful businesswomen that inspire us. We wrote about where they came from, what they are working on, and what being a female entrepeneur means to them.

Each story was around 300 words, written to inspire others, and was topped off with a picture of each wonderful woman. At the bottom, we tagged them and their franchise or business and hash-tagged a couple terms like # NWSBM #NationalWomensSmallBusinessMonth, and #SolidaritySister.

The posts, which we’ve listed and linked-to below, received likes and comments and were shared multiple times over. Not only did the campaign celebrate women and their accomplishments—the main objective of this campaign—it promoted the WebPunch page and the businesses the women we interviewed owned and operated.

In-between those stories, we published infographics about the influence women-owned businessese have on the U.S. workforce; it was a nice mix.

A campaign should only last a month or so, making them unique and powerful in their own time. We’ve found that campaigns that call on others like customers, colleagues, or businesses are most successful. They create the chatter that businesses need to spread the love. They get people talking.

Scroll down to get a feel for the campaign. Hopefully, you can use it as a guide or as a starting point for a campaign that works best for your company.





October 7 2016

Doris Jones-Retired Realtor




October 10 2016

Dr. Jill Manning-Marriage and Family Therapist



October 17

Infographic: 5 of the Fastest Growing Women Businesses



October 23

Rolinda Stotts-Artist


We write about Facebook a lot and how important it is to incorporate it into your online review strategy. The social media mecca is home to individuals, personalities, organizations and of course, businesses. According to a WebPunch study, about 92% of reviews on Facebook are positive and it receives 38% of all online business reviews.

A Facebook profile is fairly easy to launch, and because of that we advise starting one after some of the more challenging sites like Google, Angie’s List, and Nextdoor, all of which require you get a certain number of reviews before your profile can go live. Not only is Facebook easy to set up, it’s free and gives you a lot of flexibility to be creative in how you communicate with your audience.

You can post pictures, updates, links to other sites and so much more. Further, if someone reviews your business, likes one of your posts, or comments on something on your profile, there’s a good chance their friends will see it and their friends’ friends will too—Facebook is chatty!