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INFOGRAPHIC: Online Reputation is for Lovers

Companies show their customers love in a variety of ways…

Boost your online reputation and show your customers some love with a gift, a phone call, or some extra attention. We like these four: a free cup of coffee, cash back, a social media shout-out or a personal phone call. We at WebPunch even use some of these in our own giveaways. Don’t limit yourself though—get creative! Offer customers something that’s unique to your company, throw one of your clients a party, or ship them a pint of their favorite ice cream. What about that Ritz-Carlton story where a customer was stressed from a busy work week? The concierge offered her a day at the spa, but since she had no time, they brought a candle to her room instead. She was blown away and became a lifelong customer. From then on, every time she visited the hotel there was a lit candle waiting for her in her room. When it comes to celebrating your customers, show them that you care in the moment.




Which States Have Businesses that are the Biggest Lovers?

We won’t get into the why, but according to our study, more than 20% of our survey respondents who said that businesses exceeded their expectations more than five times within the past year were from Oregon, Washington, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Maine, and Connecticut; making these states some of the  friendliest places for consumers. That doesn’t mean we think that you should uproot and move. That just means that if you’re not in those states, you’ve got little competition when it comes to impressing your clientele – so go for it! If you are in those states, congratulations! But you still have your work cut out for you. Like we said: get creative!


What Inspires Customers to Spread the Love?

The top three reasons people spread the love about businesses and tell their family and friends about their experience is because these companies are essentially doing what they should. 42% of respondents spread the love about a business when it does what it promises and exceeds their expectations. We think that’s awesome and easy enough because businesses should already be doing both of these things! At number three, customers will refer businesses to others if the staff is friendly, again, something businesses should already be doing.


Will You Do Business With Me? . . . if We Give back to the Community and Charitable Donations. We are totally married to this idea. In this day and age consumers, especially millennials, love to see businesses giving back.

Not only is it trendy, it’s the right thing to do. Businesses small and large are finding different ways to give back to their communities and charitable organizations. Giving back is incorporated into the business’s mission, value statement and pricing strategy. Companies like Tom’s Shoes and Warby Parker have a buy-one-get-one strategy where customers buy a pair of shoes or glasses and the company donates one to someone in need. Give some love and get some love. ” No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” (Aesop)