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INFOGRAPHIC: 2018 State of Online Reviews

My how things can change!  Each year we look at the review sites that garner the most positive and negative reviews. Every site has a unique culture and set of demographics that it attracts. Our crack team of researchers once again took to our HQ dungeon to count the beans and analyze the trends in online reputation management in order to help our viewers better understand the platforms that are most likely to generate good or bad reviews for their businesses.

Not surprisingly, the preferred platform for negative reviews is Yelp, for the second year in a row, while Facebook remains the top site for positive reviews. Superpages, to our surprise, is now one of the more popular sites for sour reviews. Conversely, Yellowpages is on the board for being the number two directory for happy customers to share their experiences on.


INFOGRAPHIC: 2018 State of Online Reviews


We hope our readers understand that having many outstanding reviews on multiple sites is the best way to show potential clients that your business is reputable.  Even though the culture of one site may attract more negative or positive reviews, showing the world that a variety of people have used your business and publicly extol your brand can go a long way towards converting more sales and creating brand advocates that will help take your business to the next level.


Matt Jones

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