The 5 Telltale Signs Your Brand Needs Online Reputation Management

Since 2018, studies have indicated that 97% of businesses believe that online reputation management is essential. Yet only 3% of all businesses devote time or resources to protect their reputation.  Why is that?  It would seem logical that if businesses are aware of the problem, they will allocate time or money to solving it. Nonetheless, […]

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Build a Strong Online Reputation Quickly

Real estate is a tough business. No one needs to tell you that.  It takes hard work and dedication to build up a word-of-mouth reputation, and for the lucky ones who have it, you know the power that comes with a testimonial from a close friend or relative. Although a stellar word-of-mouth reputation is helpful, […]

Rethinking Your Brand: How Review Responses Are a Powerful Marketing Tool

How is your relationship — with your customers?  If you’re not sure, here’s a fun yet educational experiment. Have a close friend ask Google for “_________ service near me” and see what results come up.  If this simple exercise scares you as a business owner, chances are you already know the answer to the question […]