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The 24-Hour Rule: How to Close The Loop Like a Boss!

Let’s face it! We live in a world entirely infatuated with data. 


Hey, we here at WebPunch love it! However, data for data’s sake doesn’t make much sense.


Many businesses today are drowning in data, so much so that they can’t take action on the valuable feedback they are receiving. 


But it’s not just businesses that are feeling the crunch. Consumers are suffering from survey fatigue — not because surveys are too long, but because they’re often surveyed with the same question over and over without action.   

ShepHyken recently made a great comic expressing this very fact.



It seems that while many consumers don’t mind offering their feedback to make a product or service better, they don’t want to be surveyed to death without any real change. 


So how can we ensure that our customer’s opinions really matter? 


The answer is quite simple: we must commit to Closing The Loop.


What Does It Mean to Close The Loop?

Consider every survey as a link in a chain. 


When you reach out to customers, you open a feedback loop and ask for their participation. That’s the first part of the chain. 


A customer responds with their rating and their honest feedback. That is about how far many companies get in the NPS process.


They look at data long enough to get three categories of consumers: 

  1. Promoters – those who score 9 or above on the survey. 

  2. Passives – those who score between 7 and 8 on the survey. 

  3. Detractors – those who score 6 or below on the survey.





Many businesses calculate their data, get a net promoter score and call it a day. However, the real beauty of the NPS system is that it strengthens customer relationships.


It’s not just a survey to get a data point. It’s an open exchange of ideas on how to improve your business from the very people who trust your service, and the opportunity to learn exactly what you can do to gain loyalty.


Closing The Loop is a process where you take the raw data and feedback given to you by customers to start a dialogue. By contacting consumers who leave valuable feedback, you can call or email to find out more information, and you should absolutely thank them. 


This insight is where the magic happens. 


Many customers can have bold ideas that turn into new initiatives which earn more revenue for your business. In return, customers are happier. 


The concept of Closing The Loop is all about having a dialogue.  


The Problem 

Imagine going up to a trusted friend with something important. 


It’s something you’ve been holding in for a while now, but you feel like you need to express it in order to maintain your friendship.


You finally work up the nerve to tell them what is on your mind. I mean, you spill the beans and get right down to brass tacks. 


You pour your heart out, and they just sit there and say nothing. You finally leave out of frustration. 


You check your phone, messages, and email, and two weeks later, there’s still nothing. 


How betrayed would you feel? 


That is how customers feel each time a business starts the NPS process without following up with consumers who provide feedback. 


While this is a more exaggerated context, you get the point. It’s a real problem. 


Now, we understand that businesses don’t do this on purpose. As we said, we know you’re drowning in data just like everyone else. 


We get that it’s important but not urgent and therefore gets put on the company to-do list. The only problem is that without a real system in place, that feedback goes unchecked and unanswered. 


So how do we make a change and repair the customer relationship?


The Solution


When it comes to Closing The Loop, it’s best to have a system and the right tools in place to help you. WebPunch offers the opportunity to set notifications to keep you accountable.


It’s all customizable from our dashboard and only takes a few clicks. From your WebPunch dashboard, you can: 


  • Set a timer

  • Send push notifications to keep you accountable

  • Track how fast you responded and Closed The Loop


A good rule of thumb is to Close The Loop within 24 hours. 


Doing so shows your willingness to listen to feedback, start a conversation, and act on the information. It also adds urgency that requires action. 


After all, what are surveys for, if not to act on the feedback provided. 


The 24-Hour Rule also connects with specific statistics around negative feedback: 


  • Nine out of 10 customers will return to a business after a negative experience if they solve their issue quickly and efficiently. (Hosting Tribunal)

  • Half of all customers expect a business to respond within one week. (Review Trackers)

  • One in three consumers expect a business to respond within one to three days. (Review Trackers) 


In fact, businesses that Close The Loop within one day often are in the top 10% in their industry. Consider that fact before forgoing the 24-Hour Rule. 


How to Close The Loop Like a Boss! 


To Close The Loop like a boss, remember the 24-Hour Rule.


If your goal is to enhance the customer experience in 2022, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better solution than focusing on NPS and Closing The Loop. 


Here are some things to keep in mind: 


  • Always thank the customer for their feedback

  • Make the 24-Hour Rule a habit for all feedback

  • Start a dialogue with the customer to learn and grow

  • Act on your feedback with renewed vigor in creating a better customer experience


Get these things right, and you’ll create a customer-centric experience that won’t cause survey fatigue. 


So take the time to hear your customers, and they’ll show you what they want! 


Take Control of the Customer Journey! 

It pays to have someone in your corner when it comes to your customers. Do you need help enhancing your customer experience online? We can help! 


WebPunch has a whole suite of tools to help you level up your online reputation and overall customer experience. 

If you’re looking to clean up your listings on review sites for a branded touch, boost your review site ratings, earn more rave reviews, or put your review response on autopilot,

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