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The Future of Feedback is Here: 5 Benefits of Video Testimonial Feedback

Have you noticed a spike in your leads, sales, and revenue since focusing on NPS and online review generation? 


Good news! It’s about to get even better. 


Until now, you only had one option for customer feedback surveys — reading. That’s about to get a big upgrade! 


One thing is clear. People LOVE videos!


Consider these statistics about video vs. text:



  • Six out of every ten consumers prefer video over text.

  • Viewers retain 95% of what they watch versus 10% of what they read.

  • The human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than text. 


No other form of feedback can convey body language, tone of voice, and emotion to show you the quality of your work all at the same time! Just think of the possibilities video testimonials provide over written surveys. 


Imagine the time savings for NPS and Closing The Loop. There’s a lot to be excited about. 


Client feedback is about to take one giant leap forward into the future with WebPunch’s video feedback tool! 


Early adopters will experience many benefits from using video testimonials in their customer feedback process. 


Here are our top five benefits of video testimonials and how it can change your business in 2022 and beyond!


1. Get to the Heart of the Matter 

So much can get lost in a line of text. Wouldn’t you agree?


While NPS scores can help you understand a bit more about how customers or employees feel about your business, the details can be lost a bit with text.   


On the other hand, videos are direct, easy to understand and provide plenty of context into how your customer or employee feels.


Video is a huge asset for any company to get to the heart of the matter. By reading a customer or employee’s facial expressions, body language, and tone, you’ll understand the nuances behind every statement.  


Rather than scrolling through a long string of feedback, you get face to face with a personal customer experience shared with a video testimonial


Clearly, there is no competition here. 


Reading feedback from a customer gushing over your customer service is nice,  but it can’t compare to seeing a real person share their thoughts openly with a camera.


The person’s body language, facial expressions, and inflection in their voice say everything your NPS score misses.


Compared to other forms of feedback, it’s hard to beat a video testimonial that plays more like a conversation between friends.


2. Data Becomes More Personal 

We are obsessed with data, which can be very helpful, yet impersonal. 

Somewhere between your surveys, NPS scores, and feedback, we can sometimes forget our data reflects living, breathing, and feeling people.


Video testimonials restores a human element to your NPS surveys and data by providing a face to each data point. 


That can be an enormous motivator to Close The Loop and provide honest communication with the people who matter most to our business, customers, and employees. 


Imagine a process where receiving feedback is less of a chore and more of an enjoyable, relatable experience. That’s the power of video feedback. 


It’s no wonder that video testimonial feedback is set to disrupt the review industry.


3. Videos Start a Dialogue.  

While reading text feedback is great, imagine the engagement you get from a video.  


There’s no disguising that videos help us slow down and take notice during the NPS process. The process of slowing down and taking in the feedback makes for a better NPS experience. 

The point of NPS surveys is to start a dialogue, although, for many businesses, surveys just end up being something we do. Collecting data for the sake of data isn’t change. 


However, video testimonial feedback encourages dialogue which is the true power of NPS surveys.  


Video feedback opens a level of dialogue that just isn’t matched with text alone.


4. Videos are Smartphone Friendly. 

Let’s face it! Smartphones are the future of the internet


In fact, the future is now. Since 2020, more people have used smartphones to access the internet than desktops. 


And while desktops may be the tool for business, smartphones are a customer’s favorite shopping buddy


It’s a safe bet that video testimonials can motivate people to respond to NPS surveys. 


Think about it!


The novelty of being able to share a video may be enough to get thoughtful responses that may not translate to text alone. 

We’ll let you be the judge.


5. Videos Provide Greater Credibility

Video testimonials break down the wall of anonymity and provide an authentic exchange, like a recommendation you’d get from a close friend


That brings with it greater credibility. You can trust the accuracy of your feedback, which helps you make decisions to improve your customer or employee experience. 


Video feedback can be a great advantage for new businesses looking to adapt and grow quickly. It allows young companies to understand their customers better to adapt and change on the fly. 


Video testimonial feedback adds credibility to your NPS surveys. 




Simply because it takes more effort to record a video review, you know it’s coming from a real person.


Step Boldly Into the Future with Video Testimonial Feedback!

Imagine an NPS survey with loads of happy customers sharing their experiences in real-time with video reviews. 


It kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it? 


Imagine how video feedback can change your business in the next year. 


If you’re looking for a competitive advantage, consider asking for a demo of our latest WebPunch feature NPS video feedback!


Video testimonials will add credibility, transparency, and authenticity to your NPS surveys. 

Book an appointment for a demo today

Brian Joyce

Brian Joyce

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