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Businesses With Impressive NPS

It’s time to explore a topic WebPunch loves, the all-important Net Promoter Score (NPS). As a savvy business owner, you are likely aware of the methods and standards that help gauge your customer experiences and improve your business along the way. You may even use WebPunch’s tools regularly to ensure that your client’s experience reflects the care and consideration that you put into running your business.

While average Net Promoter Scores can range widely across industries, there are some basic business strategies and insights that can be gained from checking out some top-ranking companies’ NPS. Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” but we aren’t going to let this sage advice keep us from looking at what others are doing right! Who are some successful companies that are earning the highest NPS marks, and what are the elements to their secret sauce?


In a Bloomberg survey of over 5,000 people, an astounding 99% of Model 3 owners would recommend Tesla to new customers. Consumers traditionally have a strong loyalty to car brands, but Tesla’s NPS ranking of 96 in March of 2019 has them outperforming every other automotive company.

How does Tesla maintain this kind of loyalty as a new brand that has a relatively small advertising budget and doesn’t rely heavily on advertisements? Good old fashioned word of mouth is making a huge difference for the growth of Tesla in the auto market. The brand is known for reframing the boundaries of customer service, and Elon Musk is reportedly even pushing for maintenance service that will visit car owners for on-site repairs where they live or work. It’s this kind of amazingly innovative benefit to owning a Tesla that makes their customer service personalized and relevant.

Elon Musk’s use of Twitter and his personality also drive people’s cult-like passion for the brand, as does the company’s dedication to sustainability. This brand-defining commitment links consumers to a social cause and makes them feel good about their purchase. Brand loyalty is strengthened by Tesla’s mindful cultivation of their vision and their commitment to making a difference.

In comparison with other auto industry leaders, even well-known brands who have generational loyalty from consumers, the exemplary experience of Tesla’s customers ensures that they are spreading the word about their love for the company, allowing Tesla to gain new business without spending a ton on marketing.


Netflix has an impressive score of 68, placing them way above their competition. In an industry that changes constantly like home entertainment, Netflix business plan has adjusted to meet the needs of today’s demanding content consumers. What started off as a subscription to get you the latest DVDs at home through the mail has morphed into a media empire with its own content and an extremely personalized experience for subscribers.

Netflix has been on the cutting edge of defining what customer experiences should look like. Ensuring their platform helps users find entertainment they’ll love and highlighting this personalization has created a relationship between users and the platform. Netflix always seems to know what you want to see when it’s time to chill! It’s impossible to reduce churn in the streaming business unless viewers are constantly delighted to watch more and you’re making it easy to do so. Netflix has created a road map for using algorithms that personalize the consumer’s experience.

Relationships are the backbone of business success in many different industries, from service delivery models to streaming applications like Netflix. Without ever meeting customers face-to- face, or even speaking on the phone, Netflix continues to show us that stewarding relationships in today’s world makes your online presence seamless. Your client can feel that you know them when your business model is tailored to meet their needs and speaks directly to their interests.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines reportedly has an NPS score of 71, making them an NPS leader in the airline industry. They are also doing spectacularly well this year. In fact, they reported that they hit a quarterly record for their NPS during the second quarter of 2020. The reason for this increased loyalty during a pandemic? It was their decision to keep the middle seat blocked during flights. While many airlines have passengers sitting in the middle rows, Southwest’s call to keep these rows blocked has ensured the comfort of their passengers and increased their loyalty.

Since Southwest has never been known to provide amenities and extras for passengers, it’s a little surprising that their customer loyalty ranks them top in the airline business. They have never offered meals, they don’t have first class or preferred seating, yet people love flying with them. Their no-frills pricing appeals to the budget-savvy traveller, and they have a very happy employee base that seems to translate into their staff providing great service.

Southwest’s flexibility with flight changes is also a driving force that’s increased their customer loyalty. Travel, especially this year, is full of stressors, and the no-cost option to change a flight has surely eased many customer’s mind’s when they have to alter their plans at the last minute.

Although the services that these top-ranking companies provide are likely very different from your business model, there are some take-aways from the success they have had. Personalization, flexibility, and exceptional service can translate across industries and lead to satisfied customers and an excellent NPS. If you use WebPunch software, take a peek in your dashboard to see how your business’s NPS ranks in comparison with other brands. If you aren’t using our tools, or if you have any questions about improving your NPS, we encourage you to reach out to our team!

About the Author

Mahala Evans is proud to be part of WebPunch’s Content Team. She was raised in beautiful Boulder and then lived in Boston, where she learned about hardcore baseball fans and also went to college. Her professional background is in communications and fundraising for nonprofits. She now lives in Colorful Colorado with her husband and their two daughters, where the baseball energy is lacking but the sunshine is almost daily. Her mantra for 2020 is “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”-Arthur Ashe