Facebook Spam Reviews On The Rise

If your business is listed on Facebook, you have likely received at least one Facebook spam review or comment.  We know these irritating posts feel like a sucker punch straight to the gut. Luckily, WebPunch is  in your corner to show you how to report this obnoxious spam directly to Facebook and how to respond […]

When a Negative Review Turned into Harassment – WebPunch’s Tale of Woe

A warning – it is entirely possible that a client may try to hold your business hostage by posting a negative review. We speak from experience, unfortunately.   According to online reports:    Nine out of ten people report that a negative review has caused them to avoid a business.  86% of consumers are influenced […]

7 Types of Negative Reviews and How To Respond Like a Pro

Every business owner that WebPunch partners with wants to get more reviews, and we’re happy to deliver! Our tools and expertise help to make their feedback and review dreams come true. As with most things, this includes some bad along with all the good, and a dreaded negative review will inevitably appear on one of […]

Businesses With Impressive NPS

It’s time to explore a topic WebPunch loves, the all-important Net Promoter Score (NPS). As a savvy business owner, you are likely aware of the methods and standards that help gauge your customer experiences and improve your business along the way. You may even use WebPunch’s tools regularly to ensure that your client’s experience reflects […]

Downright Scary Review Responses

With Halloween week upon us, the WebPunch team dug up some frightening review responses spotted online that have kept our Review Response Team up at night. While we understand the plight of the businesses who responded in this nightmarish way, these responses fueled our team and are reminders of why we do what we do! […]

Customer Feedback Overview (NPS, CSAT, & CES)

When your business receives feedback, both good and bad, we have to agree with Mr. Gates that there are lessons to be learned. But how can this data be gathered, and what is the strategy behind it? There are several popular ways to measure customer’s experiences with your business. Gathering feedback is vitally important to […]