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Facebook Spam Reviews On The Rise

If your business is listed on Facebook, you have likely received at least one Facebook spam review or comment.  We know these irritating posts feel like a sucker punch straight to the gut. Luckily, WebPunch is  in your corner to show you how to report this obnoxious spam directly to Facebook and how to respond to these shady “recommendations.”

Spam Facebook Reviews, Bogus Recommendations, and Scams – Oh My!

Since the beginning of 2022, the WebPunch team has noted an increase in the number of bogus recommendations posted on Facebook business pages. The profiles that these spammers post from look like bot accounts, and they typically direct people to a WhatsApp’s number in an attempt to engage in some sort of money-making scheme.

A Real-Life Scenario

In January, WebPunch’s Facebook page received the “recommendation” below. Take a look:

So, what should you do if you notice a “review” like this?

That is, of course, after you roll your eyes and mutter under your breath about Facebook: You should report this spam review as often as possible.

Will reporting work? 

The disappointing truth is that we are extremely limited when dealing with Facebook. They don’t have a support team that you can reach out to and, in our experience, Facebook’s reporting feature is an ineffective tool. 

We aren’t able to tell you much about Facebook’s internal spam review process. Users don’t receive confirmation that Facebook has received a notification and it’s unclear what happens once you flag a review. We do not know what their internal review process is for these requests, or if there is a team involved in the removal of these posts.

Facebook offers a bit of information under the “Reporting Abuse” section on its support site, but there is no guidance specifically related to spam reviews. Reports that are made about reviews are not tracked or visible to users, but this doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. Report the review anyway!

You should also respond to the review. Be direct and call the spam out for the blatant misuse of Facebook’s review platform. A version of the following response would work to address the spam directly:

This review does not reflect an actual experience with our business. Therefore, it violates Facebook’s Terms of Service. We have reported your review as spam, and we politely ask that you remove your post.”

We encourage you to report fraudulent reviews that are on your page as often as possible.

How to Report a Spam Review On Facebook

It’s time to come out swinging! To flag bogus recommendations, go to the upper right corner of the review where you will find three dots. Hover your mouse over the dots and select “Find support or report Recommendation”:

From there, you will select “Spam” as your option:

The confirmation you receive should look like this, and you’ll notice that you have the option to “Ban” the poster (which we have done):

Facebook users are able to delete or hide “posts” that appear on a listing homepage. However, the reviews section of a business page does not have this option. You cannot hide or delete a review, which is the likely reason that these spammers are targeting this portion of Facebook.

Facebook’s messaging states that spam is a violation of their community standards, but it is clear that they don’t have a handle on ensuring reviews reflect genuine customer experiences or that the content is even relevant to the business itself.

We’re Here to Help!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions about your online reputation, customer feedback, and best practices for review responses. We’re always in your corner!

Mahala Evans

Mahala Evans

Mahala Evans is the Content Team Director at WebPunch. She is proud to be a defender of online reputations and is a lover of music, books, and nature. She makes her home in colorful Colorado with her daughters, her husband, an unruly dog, and a growing number of incomplete organizational projects.