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Why Houzz Matters; and Matters a Lot!

Houzz was the brain-child of a couple who had just remodeled their home the good ol’ fashioned way: With a bunch of home magazines and referrals from people they know. But this combo did not stack up in making their house dreams a reality.

Adi and Anon took matters into their own hands and built Houzz. Started as a side project the site has now taken off and boasts over 1 million professionals and 35 million users every month.

Those familiar with Houzz would probably describe it as a place to drool over home renovation ideas and buy all the prettiest stuff to decorate their homes with. And oh yeah after you find that perfect renovation you can browse professionals to help you make that dream happen!

If you are not familiar with Houzz it may be seem like an intimidating site, especially for a service professional who is thinking about putting their profile on Houzz. If this describes you we are here to tell you one thing: Don’t be scared, and Get yourself on Houzz stat!

Here are the many reasons why Houzz is an important site. They’ve got traction people!

Houzz has*

35 million monthly users

25 million unique monthly visitors

Is the 265th most visited website in the US

Where are visitors coming from?

49% of users are going through search

30% go straight to Houzz.com

4% from Social (atleast half of those from Pinterest)

So who are Houzz users hiring?**

Electrician 20%, Plumber 19%, Carpenter 15%, Painter 15%, Carpet and Flooring 13%, Tile-Stone-Countertop 10%, HVAC 10%, Roofing 8%

And guess what, people are spending more and more on their home renovations! US Spending in 2015: $326 Billion. Dang! It’s a great time to not only be in the industry and make yourself known.

Check out this chart from the Harvard Joint Center of Housing Studies: It shows US spending growth (in the Billions) on Home Improvement and Repair.


To sum: though it seems to take a lot of effort to get involved with Houzz, setting up a profile is crucial for business (I mean you; interior designer, design build firm, architect, contractor…). You need to take good quality photos, have a plan for uploading them on a regular basis and enter and update relevant keywords for those awesome photos.

Wondering where to start? Stay tuned for an easily downloadable worksheet to organize your photo and keyword strategy (yeah we’ve got your back).

*Houzz sourced statistics

**Data came from a Houzz poll of 120,000 Houzz U.S Houzz users