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How to Educate Your Client in 4 Easy Steps

A new client can be a big responsibility. Often they do not know how to behave and are easily frightened by things like survey emails and review requests. Don’t worry though, with a little training your new client can become a valuable resource of feedback information and maybe even a brand advocate.

The key is conditioning. Clients are easily turned-off by the unexpected and will probably delete emails requesting feedback. But if you let them know ahead of time that those emails are coming, they will be more receptive. Clear expectations are key. Make sure your client knows what you are asking for. When training a new client it is generally good to follow four simple steps. Educate your client by:

#1: Introduce the client to the idea
Give your client a quick explanation of the survey process. Let them know what it is and when they can expect to be contacted about it. This way they will be on the lookout for the email and know what it is right away. When you introduce the idea of the survey personally, the client will associate it with you – the person who actually provided them with a service.

#2: Let them know how important it is
Tell them why their feedback is valuable. This will show them that the survey results are taken seriously and not stored away on a hard drive and forgotten about. If they understand the purpose of the survey they are much more likely to participate.

#3: Assure them that their individual opinion matters
Make sure they know how important their individual opinions are to your business. This will make them feel that their response is genuinely cared about and taken seriously. A simple comment after your business is finished makes all the difference. It lets them know you care – repairing damaged relationships with dissatisfied customers and strengthening relationships with loyal ones.

#4: Thank them and ask for a review
Thank them in advance for taking the time to complete the feedback process. If they seem receptive to the idea and generally satisfied with your service, ask them to share their opinions and experience in an online review.

Following these steps ensures that the client knows exactly what is being asked of them and what to expect. Nothing is left for them to figure out on their own. Nothing is left to chance.